Monday, March 10, 2008

Near Earth Asteroid immediately followed by another one

As announced, 2008 EZ7 flew by Earth - but there is another one on a somewhat similar orbit. Or may be not, as the orbits are not that similar after all, raising questions about a direct connection of the two. In any case the 2nd asteroid, meanwhile named 2008 ED8, is in Earth's vicinity right now, again very briefly reaching mag 12 to 13.

In other news the Moon is back in the evening sky, already 2 days old (here it is 3/4 of a day earlier). • The new Nova Cygni 2008 is easy to find and was at mag 7.8 last morning. • There are updates on the state of Holmes' coma and the March 1 bolide which may have dropped meteorites in the Schaffhausen area.

• And you can listen to TA's Guy Hurst on the radio (Broadcasting House on BBC 4 yesterday morning), talking about the state of amateur astronomy at minutes 44-49, or to other cosmic sounds from all kinds of sources.

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