Monday, March 24, 2008

Finally some notable sunspots to be seen

Two groups with several small spots each are now on the white-light Sun, AR 10987 and 10988. There is also some prominence activity now. Fortunately observing both phenomena - with proper techniques! - is free, in contrast to the 2009 Total Solar Eclipse in Japan where some well-placed small islands will charge an "entrance fee" of 300,000 yen or EUR 2000, just for the permission to come ashore ...

In other news here are detailled optical light curves of the March 19 GRB from Polish and Russian astronomers. • Once again actual data show no cosmic ray climate effects, a dubious topic that comes up all the time. • A nice Moon halo was seen at Easter. • And USA 193 reacted differently to the rocket attack than expected.

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