Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Coming attractions: Cassini to graze Enceladus, Moon to graze Plejades

This 75th posting since "Cosmos 4 U" was launched is mainly dealing with the - immediate - future:
  • On March 12 the Cassini spacecraft will approach Enceladus to within 50 km and pass through a plume (as this video nicely explains). NASA has started an official blog to get all the details about this unique event out in near-real time!

  • Also on March 12 - actually within the same hour that Cassini gets closest to Enceladus! - he Moon will come close to the Plejades star cluster and may occult some of its stars: This video shows the situation from Berlin, Germany.
In other news a Cassini image of the current Saturn storm, an updated Holmes vs. the CA nebula sequence, an unusual video of Endeavour's launch into low clouds, the complete NASA launch video with cool plasma effects at MECO & ET sep (jump to 5:00 or better yet 6:40!) and a still frame.

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