Friday, March 28, 2008

12 mag. supernova in Sculptor galaxy NGC 7793!

Finally a (compared to most other discoveries) pretty bright supernova that medium-sized amateur telescopes should show well: In the spiral galaxy NGC 7793, located at -32° declination in the constellation Sculptor, a supernova of 12th magnitude has been discovered on March 25. SN 2008bk is located approximately 2.3 arcminutes north of the nucleus of NGC 7793, a bright flocculent spiral galaxy of type Scd.

In other news there are now three sunspot groups on the disk, all from the old cycle: White-light images of Mar. 27 (attn.: wrong AR numbers) and Mar. 25 show the three activity regions well as do H-Alpha images of Mar. 26 and Mar. 25. • There are also impressive aurora pictures taken 'from above' during the last shuttle mission. • The Google-discovered Aussie impact crater is making more news. • And the reentry of the ATV (which hasn't even docked to the ISS yet) will be a subject of scientific study ...

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