Monday, February 15, 2010

Solar activity continues to be high - relative to the non-activity in the past, that is

It were the sunpot groups (1)1045 and 46 in particular that caused excitement (more coverage here, hier und hier): the Sun on Feb. 15 and Feb. 7, a big prominence and more on Jan. 30/31, a flare on Feb. 12 and a CME on Jan. 27. • From the annular solar eclipse a month ago a video from the Maldives (one of all too few with some editing before posting ...), a video from Varkala, a video from Rameswaran, a report from Kanyakumari and a lightcurve from Dhanushkody. The eclipse is also pic 18 here, seen at sunset from Japan with fine atmospheric effects (Omega phenomenon) and starring in a poorly edited TV clip (more). • For a change, a great amateur Moon picture and another one, both with extremely high resolution.

In other news Mars - a report from Mozambique - is still a fine sight, e.g. on Feb. 13, Feb. 9, Feb. 8, Feb. 6, Feb. 4, Feb. 2 (a picture with a 1-m telescope; more on the little dust storm), Feb. 1, Jan. 29 and Jan. 28 (the 1-m again); also a drawing of Jan. 18. • Low in the west, the Jupiter/Venus conjunction is now - while the stellar occultation by Pluto was clouded out all over Europe, it seems, but Pic du Midi reports success. • There may have been a new surge in comet SW 1: pictures of Feb. 8, Feb. 6, Feb. 5 (more from that place, another and another pic), Feb. 3 (more) and a story. • Also a nice tail of C/2007 Q3, a picture of 2010 A2 with a small scope - and nonsense regarding that object.

• There was a bolide in Ireland of which no footage seems to exist (more, more, more, more) - unfortunately an old fake video was accepted by all too many (such as this, this and this site) for the real thing ... • A fireball cloud from last November, another and another story on the fight over the 'doctor's office meteorite' and a possible impact site in Rajasthan. • An incident over Mexico was neither a particular reentry (earlier) nor was there a crater formed: confused coverage here, here, here, here, here and here. • Finally stories on the variable stars U Scorpii (a picture of Feb. 6) and Epsilon Aurigae. And the IAU Circulars are moving to a new - not too distant - place.

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