Monday, August 4, 2008

Total solar eclipse observed well from Asia, sea and air

As with the previous total solar eclipse in 2006 the view was clear along much of the track of totality during the TSE of 1 August 2008 - from places in the Arctic sea (with dismal weather stats) through Russia, Mongolia and China where the eclipse was even visible a few degrees above horizon in its central region. And there were even two eclipse flights, originating in Germany and Canada.

Three days later the web is full with early impressions and detailled reports - and it became clear that the corona's shape had been predicted very well several days ahead, as a comparision with a first composite by Lüthen (explained here) shows.

There are now picture galleries by SpaceWeather, S&T, LA Times, Welt, Chicago Tribune, Tagesschau and even the Huffington Post - and radioastronomical amateur observations of the partial phase. Individual links follow, sorted by region along the track.General coverage of the eclipse (covering its impact in several places) was provided by Sky & Tel., LA Times, MSNBC, BBC, CNN, AP, IB Times, Bild (with Reuters video, also here), Sat1, N24 (with other video), T-Online, DPA, News and in this video. And there was even an unusual view from space, explained here.

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