Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Three storms on Jupiter converged, seem to have survived each

When a third, tiny "red spot" appeared in Jupiter's clouds this spring (mentioned here and in the Cosmic Mirror's header), it was clear from the windspeed pattern that the three would meet soon: What would that do to the smaller storms? As several hi-res amateur images collected by SpaceWeather show, the newest red one seems to have made it through inbetween the GRS and the Oval BA aka. Red Spot Junior. More images in the coming days will show whether it is 'unharmed'; meanwhile here are more and more and more images of the quadruple conjunction hailed in the last posting.

In other news the coma of one comet Boattini (W1) looks strage while the other Boattini (J1) is also elongated while Lulin is fainter again. • A newspaper covers the fun in chasing eclipses while • others take resolved images of mysterious satellites that are not listed officially yet pretty bright ...

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