Sunday, June 22, 2008

Aussie amateur records Pluto occult a star!

A few hours ago Dave Gault in Australia took this nice light curve of dwarf planet Pluto occulting a star of 12th magnitude in Sgr, using a 10" Newton and a WAT-120N video camera: The star was gone for 113 seconds. This occultation had been deemed very important for scientific studies of the Pluto system.

In other news Venus is the evening 'star' again, having been recovered in Munich's dusky skies yesterday. • Despite its low elevation in Germany, detail-rich Jupiter images have been obtained this morning (more, more) as well as on June 21, June 20 and June 19. • And here's a moderately entertaining/scary chart of famous NEOs and how close they came/will come to Earth ...

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