Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bright storm observed on Saturn since mid-February

Just around the time of opposition (coincidence!) an impressive storm in the STrZ of Saturn appeared, looking - at the resolution of amateur telescopes - like a bright spot. Now one of the best images (from Feb. 19) has been published, and you follow the storm's evolution e.g. with the ALPO Japan archive. It's well seen on images of March 3 and 1 and Feb. 23, 20 (from another source), 15 and 8 - this is the earliest report I could track down.

In other news the March 1 fireball over Central Europe is having some media impact, e.g. in Switzerland and Southern Germany - where some mass may have reached the ground. And in parts of the U.S. the Moon will occult Venus or come very close, during daylight on March 5.

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Jason Perry said...

This storm has been observed by Cassini on March 4: