Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Huge noctilucent cloud displays seen at appropriate northern latitudes

Early July marks the middle of the 'official' northern NLC season from mid-May to mid-August - and this year these weird clouds at 80 to 85 km delivered, although mainly for latitudes around 55°N, with the most spectacular reports and pictures coming from Cumbria (northern England) and Scotland, esp. on the morning of July 3. A so-so display over Germany in the night July 5/6 (also sightings in the U.S.). The great U.K. outburst on the morning of July 3 reported in all detail from Cumbria and also by another Cumbrian (picture stream, also here and here, with more here, here, here, here and here; got even in one paper) and a Scot (another, another and another) and another and another Brit, plus more, more and more pictures. From July 2 a cellphone and more U.S. images, a moderate U.K. morning show (more, more, another observer, more) and German sightings. From July 1 another U.K. report and Scottish pictures plus German sightings, also on June 29. Plus a Dutch report and a growing gallery.

Solar system small bodies: an updated lightcurve and animation of it, another big page and trailed images of NEA 2011 MD - which came so close that Earth's oblateness had orbital effects! • A recording of a webcast of a star occultation by an asteroid, foiled by one cloud ... • A German lunar impact observation is now official (and sets a record for the smallest telescope, 10 cm). • New French meteor predictions out. • A bright sungrazer hit the Sun last night (hi-res still; more) • Pictures of July 5 and July 2 (another one) and the lightcurve (from this site) of promising comet C/2009 P1 (Garradd).

Moon vs. Sun: the setting crescent on July 4 (still), Mercury & the Moon and the Moon setting on July 2, the very young Moon from Oz on July 2, two partial eclipses as seen by Proba 2 - which won a price with this - on July 1 and Venus & the Moon on June 30. • Also a slideshow of the lunar eclipse on June 15 from India and a summary plus cloudy Iceland pictures (trip report) of the solar eclipse on June 1. • Epsilon Aurigae is completely "back" now. • A nice ISS Sun transit of May 10. • And a report, another and another from the ALCON event at Bryce Canyon.

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