Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Predicted airburst detected via infrasound; possible sighting from plane, via seismic signal

So far no report has come in from someone observing the airburst from the ground, no wonder given the remoteness of the area, but a few other detections have come in: an infrasound detection system in Kenya has seen a signal many minutes later that matches expectations very well, the crew of a distant airplane saw a flash at the right time - and there may even be a faint seismic signal, caused by the airwave coupling into the ground. There are also observations of the asteroid entering Earth's shadow, its rising brightness while approaching Earth and a video clip of its motion in the sky. New links are added here all the time.

In other news images of comet 29P on the 6th and of all terrestrial planets on Sep. 20. • A detailled report from the 9. Herzberger Teleskoptreffen. • A new service for astronomical weather predictions for the whole planet. • And a New York Times editorial on light pollution.

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