Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Druckmüllerized corona of 1 August published!

The first two results from a long-running project by Czech mathematician (and amateur astronomer) Miloslav Druckmüller regarding the total solar eclipse of 2008 - that the last two posts dealt with - have been published today! This particular kind of image processing which Miloslav (and his daughter!) developped from first principles of signal analysis is widely regarded as bringing out all the structure that the eye can see in the corona and more in just one image in which the extremely high dynamic range of the solar atmosphere is eliminated and fine - but real - structure enhanced mightily. One of the images shows the corona in all its glory with enormous detail and background stars down to 11th mag., the other presents the true colors of the corona with highly amplified saturation. More results (based on images obtained in Mongolia) will appear here in the future, and observers in other locations have also contributed data so that subtle changes in the corona over many minutes may have been documented. Another large collection of links to reports from the 2008 TSE - and the PLE two weeks later; this is how yours truly and numerous others saw it - will follow.

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