Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Planets/Regulus line-up, Jupiter opposition visual highlights in July

Already low in the evening skies for Northerners, a line-up of Saturn, Mars & Regulus and various closest approaches of the three objects promise to be the main visual sky event, followed by Jupiter's opposition:
  • July 1: Mars 0.7° from Regulus
  • July 6: Moon passes Mars & Saturn
  • July 9: Jupiter in opposition (there have been great views from down under and even possible details on Ganymede imaged)
  • July 11: Mars 0.6° from Saturn
  • July 12: Venus greatest brilliance in evening sky
The current trio of bright dots may actually have been responsible for several UFO reports like this in which the visibility lasted long ...

In other news there are indications that comet Lulin may be taking off: It's now at 10.6 mag. and could put on a nice show next February. Also • a picture of Boattini from June 28, • a dramatic prominence animation and • Mike Brown setting ground rules for debating "what's a planet" ...

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